“Power & Control” vs. “Freedom! `90”

When Marina & the Diamonds released her video for “Power & Control” (2012) last May, I immediately noticed obvious similarities to George Michael‘s “Freedom! `90” (1990). What struck me is that no one else was saying it anywhere on the web, not even in the comments under the YouTube video. So I thought I’d share it here.

Here is Marina’s “Power & Control” video, directed by Casper Balslev:


And here is George Michael’s “Freedom! `90” video, directed and shot by two of my favorites, Fight Club team David Fincher and Jeff Cronenweth:


Besides the fact that the titles are complete opposites of each other, there are a ton of similarities.

Both videos start with a blue-lit, mostly-empty room, and a model starts the music by interacting with something that plays for the rest of the song. Marina’s posing, lipsyncing, silhouettes, dancing, and even style mimick the 90’s track. A wet man hanging upside down doing pull-ups in gravity boots, a man throwing a tennis ball against the wall, a few shots of “explosions” (paint in Marina’s, actual explosions in Michael’s) individual swinging lightbulbs on cords, smoky breath, lounging in chairs, chairs in the center of the room, lights filtering through blinds and fabric. And maybe I missed it, was there a cat in the Freedom video as well? The shots are so similar, this has to be homage, right?

I noticed these all last year at the time, but didn’t have a blog to share. I’ve long-considered “Freedom! `90” to be one of the best music videos of all time, so it was hard to ignore.


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  1. Whoa, I never considered that but you are so right!

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