The Last of Us (mini-update 2)


I played through a few more stages of The Last of Us, and things just keep getting deeper and deeper, heavier and heavier. More swarms, characters, character development, surprises, and violence… I’m about 14 hours in, but I will admit that I spend a lot of extra time searching and exploring and replaying levels. According to the Save Menu, I’m about 57% in, which scares me, because I don’t want to believe I’m more than halfway done with this great game.

(some minor spoilers below…)

A few nit-picks…

One thing that has maddened me a bit is that I can almost never close a door again once I’ve opened it. Come on, there are clickers right there, and you’re just hiding there with the door open!? Stop that Joel, stop that right now. Close… it… please…

Also, Joel is not Nathan Drake, he can not climb things like a monkey. Quite often, I look up at a building and see an open window and think “Nathan could get there…” But Joel can sidle, and that makes him okay. Obviously this is not a flaw in the game, and I’m okay with this.

The only major bug that I’ve experienced is in Waverly Township*, a little suburb later in the game. (A little suburb that I haven’t really gotten into yet because of the bug forcing me to exit the game.) I like to spend extra time exploring and looking in bushes and dark corners for shiny things to pick up (thanks, Fallout 3), and I decided to walk to the first visible faraway house and look in the bushes. Well, Ellie followed and promptly climbed up onto a bush (not even a blocky, climbable bush… just a textured, transparent one) and stood up there like Captain Morgan, occasionally floating up into the air like Peter Pan. When I walked away, everyone else followed, but Ellie just ran in place on top of the bush. *sigh* I couldn’t even Fus Ro Dah her off like I do with NPC followers in Skyrim. Had to restart, and it was time for bed anyway…

Otherwise, still very fun—I’ll stay away from that bush next time…

Side note: There were no enemies in the room pictured above, nor do I remember a door standing there. It could be because I’m playing on Normal for some reason**, and there normally would be. Hardly be, not normally be. …I don’t know what I’m saying anymore, nevermind…

* – I think that’s what it’s called? I saw it on a sign. I might have a bad memory. Also, I Googled it, Waverly Township is five hours across the state from Pittsburgh, not downstream.

**- I don’t know why. I always play Naughty Dog games on Hard first, but I was tired when I started and just kept clicking things on the menu so I could start the game. I’ll play it on Hard next time and update again to share the differences.


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