NeverWet superhydrophobic coating is now available at Home Depot.

If you follow technology news, or reddit, you may have heard of the superhydrophobic coating being developed that uses nanotechnology to allow liquids to bounce off of anything you apply it to. Even metal, wood, fabric, and plastic. Well, Rust-Oleum’s NeverWet is finally available at Home Depot for $19.97.

Here’s the video if it in action:

Special thanks to threenoms on reddit for sharing this on /r/technology today.

Do note, with any new product, there is a period of time where the first version elicits a range of responses. I do anticipate that this coating will make things look a bit glossier, and the article does say that many products could look filmy. And it should be noted, protect yourself when using this stuff. A superhydrophobic coating cannot be good for your lungs, and probably not your skin.

I know for a fact though that I will be buying this for boots that next time I buy a new pair. It’s very possible that it could be fantastic for coating my car, too; While I can’t put it on the windows (that’s what Rain-X is for), it wouldn’t be noticeable on the white paint, and would keep mud, bird poop, bugs, and liquid-salt slurry off of it. Hmm…

The linked CNet article:


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