Next Up?

Ni no Kuni

While I’m currently playing The Last of Us, I am completely aware that it is going to be done sooner than I’d like it to be. And while I’m busy with work or on vacation, I know there needs to be another game in the queue. I will probably return to Skyrim to finish a few of the major quests in the Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC in the meantime, but there are other games I’ve been really wanting to buy and play and are next on my list.

Games on the List:

Shadow of the Colossus

Also possible, because sometimes I can find these older games at cheap prices and I just haven’t followed up on playing them when they originally came out:

Just as a little background, I am a reformed Nintendo junkie who loved the Zelda series and SNES era games like Super Metroid and Earthbound. Now I seem to mostly enjoy games like Uncharted series, Elder Scrolls games from the most recent generation (Oblivion/Skyrim), and clever puzzle/adventure games like the Portal series. There’s a specific type of gameplay that I like, and games like Fallout 3 tend to leave me feeling bored and frustrated. I like great stories, interesting worlds, clever writing and situations, puzzles and quests, and a sense of adventure. And a bow. I love being an archer.


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