The Last of Us (mini-update 4)

The Last of Us save screen 87%

(a few spoilers ahead)

I am not sure why I thought I would have completed the game by now. I suppose because one of the last Naughty Dog games I played (either Uncharted 2 or 3), had a pretty short play time. I had completed it in far less than 20 hours, maybe more like 13-15 hours, even though I still felt like I got my money’s worth due to how fun and well-produced it had been. So, yes, I expected to be watching the end credits roll by now. But according to the Save Screen above, I’m only 87% Complete and have already played for more than 20 hours. Yes, I use stealth a lot and explore everything I can, so I’m sure you can still beat the game in 10 hours (if you skip the cutscenes, that is)

More twists and turns and seasons have changed. More need for survival by the protagonists. A handful of different new play-styles, given moments on horseback and teamwork with other characters. It’s Winter now and Joel is a complete mess. More life-cycle symbolism as Ellie becomes the strong one and takes care of Joel. Still fantastic, still exciting, and I look forward to playing every night.

Now a comment on what was a nit-pick initially, and now feels a bit larger:

There was a point in the game, perhaps it was in the campus, where the amount of “light” filtering through the edges of boundaries/polygons on the maps was more than a bit irritating to me. Maybe I’m picky, but there were times I’d be in a room that should feel pitch black, and the whole corner of the room looked like a bright light beaming through a giant zipper. Just jagged pixel-edges making the level feel really unpolished and taking me out of the immersion a bit. Sorta like seeing a cameraman in a mirror on a tv show. Broke me out of it for a moment, and I was focusing on the cameraman and not the story. The campus seems to be a particular problem, actually. I also discovered a few duplicate doors, where there would be a door on the hinge on the other side of the door that I had just opened. Makes me think that originally the door was built to be static, and they added another actionable door at the last minute when they changed the direction that level would take.

(see below)

The Last of Us double door

It’s not a deal-breaker; But a few of the levels just feel rushed in this way. I imagine it’s because they wanted to make their deadline, and I really don’t know how much work fixing a seam between wall geometry really is. It’s just, well, really distracting for a game that’s so immersive. If I had run through the level and not planned on looking for hidden collectibles or extra crafting tools, I likely wouldn’t have seen them. I feel like I should be mentioning it because Naughty Dog needs to know what to look for in their next patch to make this game even more perfect. Fix those seams! You have created one of the best games of this generation, let’s make it as perfect as possible!


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