Completing The Last of Us & Escort Missions

I completed The Last of Us the other night, pushing myself to 2am because I saw that I was at 97% and I couldn’t just go to bed. Fantastic ending to a fantastic story, I shed a few more tears before it was over.

As others have stated, it’s impressive that the game itself is one long escort mission, but it still remains very fun. Some of the most frustrating games I’ve played have involved escort missions with irritating AI companions.

One that comes to mind is the first I can remember, protecting Natalya in GoldenEye 64. In both the Jungle & Control levels, she’d run out in front of me while I was shooting a guard and I’d shoot her right in the head. Game over. It makes me wonder how difficult The Last of Us would have been had it featured the same Friendly Fire issues. There were several moments where I shot through characters, and without giving anything away, there were a few times I wished that my shots would’ve connected.

For fun, here’s essentially how I feel about playing Goldeneye with Natalya, courtesy of YouTuber Warialasky.


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