Review: Movie 43

I won’t be long here. This movie is credited in its own posters as “The Most Outrageous Comedy Ever Made” and “The Biggest Cast Ever Assembled.” It’s not either. If you want to see a really impressive series of actually-funny shorts, go on YouTube or FunnyorDie or CollegeHumor and make a playlist, and watch that. This movie is so heavily lacking in wit, that I will probably openly judge anyone I meet from this day forward that says that this movie is funny. I may even throw things at them until they go away.

This movie is not “outrageous,” it is dumb. Outrageous for a 10-year-old, perhaps. Poop jokes, balls, a few gross-outs, stupid superhero costumes, period jokes, incest jokes, rehashed and overly simplistic racial jokes, and a bunch of celebrities you wish weren’t in this movie. Actually, there are two redeeming factors. Emma Stone is hilarious at whatever she does, and Halle Berry‘s skit is remotely funny, but a bit like a celebrity-walk-on MadTV skit.

It might be that the whole movie is a commentary about the viewer, that “you’ll watch whatever has a star-studded cast in the billing.” But this movie isn’t even strong enough to manage that. This is not a social commentary. If I had seen this in the theatre, I would’ve walked out within 15 minutes and asked for my money back. I would genuinely like to see a funny movie soon or I will resign again to old British television again for solace.

I would like to follow up this movie review with actual shorts that are hilarious. So, stay tuned, I may post a few things today.


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