Caught up on Breaking Bad: Now what to watch?

If you’re like me, you’ve marathoned all of Breaking Bad: Season 5: Part I on Netflix Watch Instantly over the past week or so, just to be caught up for Part II to begin this past Sunday. It was worth it, and it’s impressive how well the show has held together, if not gotten better over time. I have a vague recollection of watching a few seasons ago and thinking, “this is really slow and heavy, I’m not in the mood for this right now,” and I switched over to something more fanciful like Nikita or Fringe until I was ready to jump back in to the Crystal Blue Persuasion. But now it’s back and I had forgotten how much I love the intensity and the suspense. Final season, ticking down, somehow better than most final seasons I’ve ever seen. (I’m reserving a spot on this blog in the future about disappointing final seasons/finales.)

So yes, Breaking Bad is back, and I get to watch them once a week. But what to do with the other 6 nights a week? I’ve blown through Orange is the New Black like some sort of compulsive drug habit, Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey still won’t be on for ages, Being Human (U.K.) is over, Weeds is over, and I’ve watched everything else. Sure, I will definitely continue to watch Project Runway and pray for the compulsive criers to be voted off while they sew the same thing every week, and I will wait patiently for Hulu to eventually post the new episodes of Face Off while spoiling every episode in the meantime with their free clips and Facebook updates. But I’ve been scraping the barrel of Netflix and looking for somewhat-new shows to watch, and am gradually finding some new gems.


House of Cards

First up, is House of Cards. I have always liked Kevin Spacey’s films, but I was hesitant when I saw that it was about politics. And then I saw David Fincher’s name, who is one of my favorite directors in his ability to capture light, mood, and ambiance while immersing you in an engaging world that commands attention. He is my favorite music video director, in particular. In my opinion, no music video will ever top George Michael’s “Freedom 90,” though the likes of iamamiwhoami may have taken that crown for me in recent years. (Note to self: Make a post about iamamiwhoami soon too…)

And yes, House of Cards sucked me in. That’s two fantastic Netflix Original series! (We won’t talk about Hemlock Grove…) There’s something about the rapport that Mr. Underwood (Spacey) establishes immediately with the viewer, the confidence and the partnership in all of the gleaning asides. And his relationship with his wife (Robin Wright) is so classic, with the interjection of Zoe (Kate Mara) the hungry reporter. It’s got me hooked. (I just typed “hookered,” which would’ve made this review escalate quite quickly.) Basic jist of the story, Mr. Underwood is a congressman (majority whip) who had been promised a place in office by the now President-elect, but now the President-elect has broken his promise. Revenge is on the menu. I just started this series, but I anticipate more greatness.


Hit and Miss

The second choice for things to watch, though I’ve blown through it all already a few weeks ago, is Hit & Miss, starring Chloe Sevigny as a pre-op transsexual assassin trying to come to terms with being a father and the head of a household. …I know. That’s quite a description, huh?

I never knew what to think of Sevigny, my first few experiences with her in media included her bizarre role in Julien Donkey-Boy (a film I caught in high school at the local indie theatre) about a schizophrenic family, a part in American Psycho, as well as cameos in Portlandia as a bisexual free-spirit. Somewhere in between the only things I really knew about her is that she gave Vincent Gallo a real blowjob on film in The Brown Bunny, she reminds me of a pin-up from 1920s poster design, and she was pretty much the most “indie” person I could think of. I was still waiting for something that made me gravitate towards her for any particular reason, and Hit & Miss was it. The show, despite being only 6 episodes, packs so much intrigue and fantastic acting, suspense, and well-developed surprises into such a short amount of time (without losing wonderful subtle pacing), I didn’t want it to be over so soon. It looks like there may be a Season 2 coming, and I definitely hope so.

I think I’ll leave it at that for now…


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  1. verbalspew says:

    House of Cards really was excellent, and reminded me just how highly I rate Kevin Spacey. Hit & Miss was actually recommended to me by my father (oddly enough!) so after reading this I’ll definitely have to check it out now.

    (And thank you for the linkage btw, much obliged! :D)

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