Passing on Top Model this year…

I wrote a whole article here about reality television, mostly griping about the fact that I decided to put on America’s Next Top Model out of curiosity. But the article I was writing just went on and on…

I’ll get right to the point instead:

A bunch of models walk down the side of a building, slipping and falling in the rain in their stilettos while the contestants wearing boots did expectedly well. And then in their photoshoots, they promote the Flixel app and favor individual models, putting some in side-roles in the shots rather than as a focus.

The winner is the guy who they favored the entire episode because they put him in boots on the wall, and put him in the center of a bunch of women in his photograph. I’m not saying he’s bad, he’s definitely good, but they favored him with everything the entire time.

The people that went home: Guy that they dressed up as a generic hip-hop wannabe with a grill and weird side-bangs and props and made him look short through staging, then told him he looked like a lesbian in his photograph. And girl that couldn’t walk down the wall because of her grip-less shoes and staged her in a bubushka next to the winning guy so she looked like a generic polygamist’s wife.

Guy that didn’t go home: Tyra’s personal choice, an ice cream man that she supposedly chose herself. Drinks a lot at the house, walks like a penguin in his jeans on the runway, the judges choose a completely generic picture of him with no expression.

So…. Okay, I’m done trying to watch this show then if this is how it’s going to be… I guess this is what I should’ve expected, huh?


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