Bitchy Resting Face

An oldie but goodie. Enjoy this fake PSA. As a chronic sufferer of Resting Asshole Face, I completely understand.

I didn’t expect to add more to this post, but I did come across this article from the Today show blog in response to the video. For some reason, they got a plastic surgeon involved in the conversation. Said plastic surgeon recommends things like botox and “grin lifts”… because you know, that’s a completely helpful thing to encourage. I can definitely say that there’s a huge generational/technological disconnect happening here. (“We have a story!”) Sure, they also bring in a communications expert to talk about how people can train themselves to smile more, but the plastic surgeon has already mentioned several ways to make yourself look permanently surprised, and I just can’t help but think that someone in the immediate staff has their plastic surgeon on speed dial.

Oh and while I’m talking about the Today show, let me share my favorite Kathy Lee moment. I don’t watch the show, but this will always be hilarious.


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