It’s terribly lonely being a fan of iamamiwhoami. I have no idea why this is true, other than the fact that the type of music isn’t the most popular amongst my friends. I find everything that iamamiwhoami does to be deeply engrossing, inspiring, addictive, and provocative. Sure, I’ve heard people say that the music feels referential to something The Knife and Fever Ray have already done. A bit like fanfiction, fanart. Don’t get me wrong, I love The Knife and Fever Ray, but for very different reasons.

Iamamiwhoami is a bit like a hall of animals in a museum, little segments of stories, evolutions, something deeply ingrained and natural, primal. It’s like that weird part in a natural history museum where the animal section transitions into the early humans section, except much more honest. A place where primal needs meet new emotions that haven’t quite formed words to describe them yet. A poetic place where the earth gives us everything we need, but now we’ve begun seeking complexity beyond it in our own new mental constructs. Ugh, this is exactly why it’s lonely being an iamamiwhoami fan. There’s no way to tell others what it’s like until they’ve discovered it for themselves.

Musically, it’s that synthpop, dreampop, electropop, sweeping experimental electronic music like Fever Ray and The Knife, Grimes… Well, honestly, I wasn’t really listening to that type of music too much before I started listening to iamamiwhoami, so I’m at a loss here. But, basically, Swedish singer Jonna Lee went out and created this nameless identity a few years ago, started producing music under the title iamamiwhoami, releasing these absofuckinglutely fantastic videos with immaculate filmography, telling this bizarre, poetic, ongoing story like nobody else had before. Every song was released as a video full of mysteries, and for several years I’ve watched “Ami” (as we call her, though I know that’s not her name) release better and better, more intimate videos and songs, telling this bizarre and haunting story along the way that I’m completely addicted to and entranced by…

Honestly, I don’t know what to do other than to link you to a chronological set of videos, starting from the beginning.

It starts with “Prelude”, and all of the oddly-numbered teasers, heavy on post-production and short samples of music.You’re welcome to skip to the first main album beginning with “b,” which then spells out “bounty” (the name of the album), but also includes the videos through “; john”.
After that, “clump” is the transitional song between the two albums, which leads directly into “sever” as it continues into the rest of the “kin” album.

A few highlights include my personal favorites “t”, “y”, and “; john” from bounty; and then “sever”, “play”, “kill”, and “goods” from kin. I love all of the songs though.

I’ve found it next to impossible to find a way to post about iamamiwhoami without gushing about it nonsensically; I just don’t see much like it anywhere else. Honestly, I don’t think a lot of other musicians who claim to be “artists” are actually capable of this sort of screen presence and mood, but I would love to see them actually try. It would make for a very interesting pop music scene.


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  1. That sort of sounds like samples from 1950’s science fiction movies.

    1. antaesthetic says:

      Haha, yeah, those first few teasers do. Theremin sounds mixed in there. The actual songs start later in the playlist, around the video titled “b”.

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