Beyond: Two Souls — 2nd Impressions

(Spoilers ahead) I kept Beyond: Two Souls another day because it really did pick up a bit before I was planning on returning it to Redbox, and the story got more and more interesting and engaging. A future where Jodie is homeless and living with other homeless people, a teenage rebellion sneak-out to a bar, and another great story featuring Jodie’s time on a Navajo ranch. Cool stuff. Likeable characters introduced, interesting choices to make, and a story that is gradually building more depth as it goes along. It’s not the deepest, most insightful story ever, but I totally dig that we’re able to experience crucial moments from Jodie’s life; as a youngster, teenager, and young woman. I can see how this works well using the PS3 as a platform for telling this story, but there are still plenty of times where I think to myself: “Why didn’t they just make this a movie and cast Ellen Page, Willem Defoe and these other people?”

I spent some time this morning searching YouTube for alternate choices I could’ve made up to the point I am in the story, and was surprised to find that some of the mistakes I made were actually better than choosing what would have been the correct path. For example, instead of succeeding in escaping the burning house, I accidentally fell while trying to use Aiden to create a force field. This resulted in me asphyxiating on smoke and having to be saved. Watching the YouTube videos, I see that I could’ve gotten out of the building, but it would result in me and some of my friends getting the crap beat out of us by some thugs. Others, well, I wish I would’ve tried harder to save certain people. I didn’t know I could. I wish I would’ve tried harder to save Paul; it really looked like I couldn’t do anything when I flew to him as Aiden, but I should’ve walked up to him as Jodie first. Bummer. 😦

Also, what happens if you kill Jodie’s dad? I have a soft spot for Jodie yelling at Aiden to stop, except for those teenagers who deserved to have furniture thrown at them. Sadly, I didn’t seem to have an option to keep the bartender from shooting himself in the head, though I wanted to… Maybe I didn’t wait long enough?

I’m not done yet with the game, but I anticipate that I’ll be done tonight. The game has continuously impressed me with the visuals, and it’s clear that this was a labor of love. There are a few gripes I had with certain scenes feeling a bit half-assed, such as the scene with Jodie’s probable biological mother screaming to get her baby back… that… well, I didn’t believe it. And the scene that I spent too long with Jodie walking around her apartment while packing her things while crying was pretty irritating… mostly because I had the impression that I could probably just stand there forever and just keep on sobbing until the end of time. Ughhhhhh…

And it certainly seems like I can probably freeze to death as a homeless person while playing guitar. When it got dark, I went home. Who sits there and keeps playing? Jodie’s chapped lips were making me uncomfortable; In fact I have no idea why that one guy near the alley would want a blowjob from her. Good God, it would be like getting a blowjob from a splintery Pinnochio. …Maybe he had chapstick handy, or …furniture wax or something, I dunno whatever man… …


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