Movie Review Catch-Up Time!

It’s time to make a catch-all post for all of the movies I’ve seen recently, but haven’t had a chance to review before I’ve forgotten what I liked about them.

First off, World War Z:


I own the book for World War Z but haven’t read it yet, but I am very familiar with Max Brooks‘ approach and sensibility towards the zombie war after reading The Zombie Survival Guide years ago. The film didn’t disappoint, though I hear it’s considerably different than its book of the same name (which I’m told is mostly written as interviews about how it all went down). That’s okay, this is the zombie genre, and Hollywood, starring Brad Pitt. (And Matthew Fox? Nope! Just a random cameo as a helicopter pilot in one very quick scene.)

What I loved about the movie was the decisions that the characters made. Most zombie movies are filled with caricatures of people who deserve to die, make horrible decisions that ruin everything, and it’s really about finding creative ways for people to be eaten alive; cool zombies, etc. World War Z is really about the fast-paced need to survive and get the hell out of there, eventually expanding towards coming up with a solution in a very observational way. I loved it. Sure, the CGI zombie horde was a bit much at times, but since I wasn’t watching it in 3D, it didn’t feel as gimmicky as I had anticipated. It’s probably one of the best modern zombie films I’ve seen, though I will always love classic campy, cult horror. There’s a special place in my heart for Tar Man from Return of the Living Dead (in both RotLD 1 and 2, the Evil Dead 1 & 2 of the series).


World War Z was a solid movie, and my only criticism is that the climax of the movie was a bit anticlimactic. When the credits started rolling, I was thinking “Where was the huge Michael Bay battle!” I’m actually really glad it didn’t happen— it ended on a great note.


Iron Man 3:

iron man 3

Can I just say how much Iron Man has completely made me fall in love with Tony Stark and Robert Downey Jr.? Iron Man is the only series within the current Avengers franchise that really resonates deeply with me. Tony Stark is just so damn likeable, and he still manages to be a complete asshole. I don’t know how that works! Fantastic writing! Sure, all of the individual Avengers movies have a decent Joss Whedon-esque sense of humor, but I completely detested The Avengers. It was like watching Cars all over again, I just didn’t care about anyone or anything that was happening, and I felt like it was all so stagey and forced. (I actually fell asleep.) I was a little bit angry about it, actually, because I started judging my friends that had raved about the movie. That’s the worst…

On the other hand, Thor and Captain America were both fun movies, but not fantastic. They were funny and quotable, and full of good action (and really handsome guys) but I didn’t gain any new favorite characters or want to invest in the backstories of anyone. And the other four… they just shouldn’t bother making individual movies about them, I really just don’t like them very much at all. Black Widow, Hawkeye, Nick Cage (wait, what?), and The Hulk. Not necessary. I will say that after years of being disappointed by Scarlett Johannson, I am actually pretty excited to see her in Under the Skin, which looks to be a spiritual cousin to David Lynch’s work. But I’m getting off track here…

But yes, Iron Man 3… So very good, so very fun, a lot of laughs, and you even managed to make Gwyneth Paltrow a badass. And Ben Kingsley! Absolutely hilarious. Loved it. I don’t even have anything to really say about the movie, except that I love that damn series.


Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters:


I only watched this movie because it popped up on Netflix Streaming. But for what it is, it actually succeeded. It’s a bit more akin to the over-the-top approach taken by the Resident Evil movies, mixed with the likeable campiness of an episode of Lost Girl. My only major hang-up was the way that the witches looked in the movie. They were a bit… plasticky. And Famke Janssen needs to stop trying to do accents. (*cough*…Hemlock Grove….*cough*) But damn, she still looks gorgeous. It was a fun movie, and it’s one I probably would’ve loved as a pre-teen, or a late elementary school kid. It definitely does not have “adult” written on it anywhere, it’s purely for fun, which makes me give the movie a pass on any major criticism. I like this attitude, actually. I grew up with tons of fun films that were clearly never meant to win any awards, and I think movies like that need to keep being made. (And not just by those irritating knock-off companies that try to trick you into renting/buying the wrong movie with a similar name.)

The open-ended part at the end that suggested an interest in a sequel? Well… No, no… this isn’t a strong franchise on its own…

That’s all for now! I need to write my final thoughts on Beyond: Two Souls soon too. But back to work I go!



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  1. V says:

    I really liked WWZ and Iron Man 3 too. Definitely agree that Hansel & Gretel would be enjoyed by youngsters, and that there was a feel of camp Lost Girl to it at times. Plenty of eye-roll moments but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be!

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