Fuck everything about this commercial.

Verizon map

I. hate. this. commercial. It plays during every commercial break as an alternative to tampons while catching up on The Voice on Hulu. Not sure if I should be admitting that (but Shelby Z was awesome.)

I’ve been a Verizon user for about 10 years now, and I love their network and coverage. Most reliable network I’ve found, and I’m constantly shocked where I can get service. But these commercials… Ugggh…

I don’t know what’s worse… the fact that so many people couldn’t identify the shape of the United States in the first few maps, or the guy who thinks it looks like “a witch-like shrew.”

the fuck is a witch-like shrew?

…I hate people. Fuck these ones in particular.


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  1. THANK YOU. how have more people not noticed this?!? I linked to this post in my own tumblr rant about it. http://nonvolleyball.tumblr.com/post/67056837332/shout-out-to-dudely-microaggressions

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