February 21st Update

Another bulk update about tv/movies I’ve seen, games I’ve played, etc.



What do I say about this movie? It doesn’t really hold a candle to other things I’ve seen recently, it definitely feels a bit stunted in a few places, but I still liked it. The biggest flaw is its pacing. It doesn’t know how to balance the first part of the movie where Riddick is learning to survive in the harsh landscape and the rest of the movie with the bounty hunters. The whole first part just drags on and on and on, and at times I felt like I was playing the first level of a video game where it’s teaching me the weaknesses of various enemies and I’m upping my stats so I can go out in the field and fight bigger creatures. It’s like that. It feels like the halves of two different Riddick movies tacked together. I remember pausing the movie shortly after the bounty hunters appear and realizing that the movie was now half over.

But I really held out because I love Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff) from Battlestar Galactica, and wanted to see her. Jordi Mollà is a fantastic villain in everything I’ve seen him in. The pacing gets better after they appear, but then it feels a lot like Pitch Black again, which is a good thing. I feel like this is a horrible review, but the movie does get better before it ends and it feels pretty good despite a few moments where the special effects are just really videogame-like and sad. There is an irritating moment like the scene in Phantoms where all of the characters shoot out the window into the dark with all of their guns for an unnecessarily long time. (God, that’s a terrible movie.)

I think fans of the whole Riddick franchise will like this movie, but it really isn’t for everybody. I happened to like it, but can man-up and admit that it just feels a bit camp and in need of some editing (to shorten it and take out some unnecessary “show everything that’s happening” shots).


Can I just say… why did it take me so long to see this movie? It’s only been recommended to me a million times on Netflix. And I loved every second of it. Why aren’t there more movies like this? And why are movies like this funnier to me than anything labeled as “Comedy”? Great characters, great filmography, great acting, great writing, great sense of humor balanced with serious things. No need to over-explain anything. And who doesn’t absolutely love Marge (Frances McDormand) by the end of this movie? 10/10

Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch

I have no idea why I watched this. But it was waaaay better than what I expect a Disney sequel to be like. After shitty sequels like The Return of Jafar, I expected that I would hate it. But I didn’t, and it even tugged at my heartstrings Up-style at one point… Uuuuugh, Disney…!


Downton Abbey
For fuck’s sake, Downton! I have one episode left, and I accidentally read somewhere that several people are going to die. I think I know what’s coming. But seriously! No!

Almost HumanI threw on a few episodes the other night while I was working and I think this is the first show I’ve seen in awhile in the sci-fi genre that feels really enjoyable, with the right level of levity. I haven’t genuinely tried to watch it yet, but I think I liked it. Filmed really well too.

Bates Motel
Finished the first season last week sometime, and I really loved it. Norma’s gradual transformation is really getting good, and the actors are starting to settle into their characters a lot.


Kingdom Hearts 1.5: HD Remix

Uuuuugh… the build up… Like Riddick, this game suffers from the slowest build-up I think I’ve ever had in a game.  Between the damn tutorial island level prologue, to figuring out what the hell you’re supposed to do in Traverse Town, we blew weeks at a time just running around fighting swarms of heartless before we finally decided to look it up and figure out what we were supposed to do next. I actually probably would’ve given up if I hadn’t. But eventually, the game gets great. So much Disneyness! And the boss fights are well-executed! But I still hate how Sora jumps. Uuuuugh… Why must they put everything just far enough away to make every leap across a chasm be Nintendo-hard? But the game is very fun once you get yourself into an individual Disney world. Except for maybe Atlantica (The Little Mermaid), which is where we are now. That’s pretty annoying. Water levels in general are the worst.


I just managed to snag this game for pocket change this week, but I haven’t played it yet. But I’ve been wanting to for some time… so I’ll probably get a chance to play it this weekend.

Retro Gaming

I’ve also begun my collection of retro gaming consoles and games. I snagged a ridiculously perfect Sega Genesis (ver 2) at the thrift store last week, with “Not for Resale” versions of Sonic 3 & Sonic & Knuckles. And I’ve been adding to my N64 collection, and have a Wii & a SNES on the way. I guess I’m going to be one of those guys with a whole library of retro games. But I’m cool with that. Of all of the things to collect, this is the most fun, because I actually get to play with them, and god-forbid, maybe even beat some of the games this time around. hehe.

I’ll be ecstatic when I have a copy of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Super Metroid again… Two of my favorite games, and I still haven’t beaten Super Metroid… Phantoon always kicked my butt.

Right now, for some reason I really want to play Trauma Center on the Wii… I got rid of my Wii years ago, and now that the games are (mostly) so cheap, I wish I had kept it. But I should be getting one soon, so I can pull glass out of peoples’ hearts while flailing my arms wildly in the air.

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