iamamiwhoami – “hunting for pearls”

New iamamiwhoami today, a few days later than I was expecting based on my last post, but maybe I’m still washed up. But I was also right to anticipate more water this time… Pisces, etc.

So, my astrological theories continue. This time we’ve got more fish imagery, a duality of characters, a pursuit by dark beings, a dive off of a cliff, a net, and an escape for at least one of the characters. Pisces.

And I’m probably still reaching, but could this shot represent the constellation of Pisces?

Pisces? or maybe even the symbol for Aries, which is next…

What can we also find about Pisces, beyond the usual fish imagery? Well, Pisces is oft associated with Aphrodite & Eros’ escape from the monster Typhon. They leapt from a cliff into the sea, tied together so they wouldn’t lose each other.

A leap from a cliff into the sea.

From Ovid, Fasti 2. 458 ff (trans.Boyle) (Roman poetry C1st B.C. to C1st A.D.) :

“Piscis, heaven’s horses. They say that you and your brother (for your stars gleam together) ferried two gods on your backs. Once Dione [Aphrodite], in flight from terrible Typhon (when Jupiter [Zeus] armed in heaven’s defence), reached the Euphrates with tiny Cupidos [Eros] in tow and sat by the hem of Palestine’s stream. Poplars and reeds dominated the tops of the banks; willows, too, offered hope of concealment.

While she hid, the wood roared with wind. She pales with fear, and believes a hostile band approaches. As she clutched son to breast, she cries: ‘To the rescue, Nymphae, and bring help to two divinities.’” …

“While she hid, the wood roared with wind.”

… “No delay; she leapt. Twin fish went underneath them; for which, you see, the present stars are named. Hence timid Syrians think it wrong to serve up this species; they defile no mouths with fish.”


So… sure, there’s some imaginative thinking here yet… But if the next one has anything to do with rams, plows, or farming… then maybe I’m on to something.

Great new track though; a little jarring in how different it feels overall, but quite good nonetheless.

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