AntAesthetic is vintage.

The first change occurring on AntAesthetic is the addition of the Vintage portion of the site. Along with articles about vintage items, artists, and antiques, the site will carry a wide array of vintage items for sale, either through Etsy or another eCommerce platform such as eBay or WooCommerce.


Finding vintage and antique items is a large part of my daily life. It’s highly entertaining, relaxing, and has a sense of adventure and discovery when I manage to find something really special. I spend at least three days a week at thrift stores and antique malls with my partner, looking for something unique, unusual, or stylish to add to our collection, or sell online. Thrifting has always been something I’ve done on occasion, but it wasn’t until I inherited boxes and boxes from my parents storage unit that I got bit by the eCommerce bug. I needed to get rid of things, and in the process I discovered what others were looking for— it started to become a bit like curating for a boutique. There were mid century modern things that I loved and wanted to keep, and others I knew that I could find for $1.99 in a rummage bin and sell for $30 online. It’s always been a focus to make extra money on the side, but I never want to bring anything into my house that I wouldn’t want to keep myself, on the off-chance it didn’t sell at all. I like spotting trends and finding vintage items to match.

I could easily become a hoarder, a packrat… When I look at the 15 in-progress projects sprawled about the entire apartment, I wonder if I already am. But then I reassure myself that I’m building a business and one day these things will all be replaced by another set of 15 in-progress projects that I can trip over, but at least I made money on the 15 before them.

So, right now our apartment looks like a yard sale with various places set up with odd lighting arrangements, cameras and tripods, ready to take pictures and post things online.

We are curating a growing collection of great vintage items over at our Etsy shop, The Antfarm. This will also be the location for handmade items as well, as they are produced, but I may eventually transition to using one selling framework for all the things we sell.


I also have begun updating my business stream on Pinterest, if you’d like to follow me there a bit more passively.

Regarding articles about vintage items, there are many opportunities here. One thing I’ve discovered while buying art in particular is that some artists (and their works) have genuinely faded into obscurity after years of major contributions to the art and design world. So, I may do some article spots to highlight those artists and try to consolidate all of the bits and pieces of information I can find in order to make sure these artists aren’t forgotten. Another opportunity is writing an article talking about incorporating vintage items into current decor, or sharing the history of those vintage items, the interesting tidbits, the faded provenances. Sometimes sharing the history of a bottle can make it much more interesting and valuable than the other bottles you might throw into your recycling bin every week.

Feel free to stop by Pinterest and Etsy and see what’s new!

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