Björk & David Attenborough on Music (Channel 4)

There’s a documentary featuring Björk & David Attenborough about music coming on Channel 4 this weekend. But unfortunately I am not British. I guess I’ll be breaking out ExpatShield if it doesn’t get posted to YouTube first. I look forward to seeing two of my favorite voices sharing the same platform. Trailer follows.

CocoRosie – “Fairy Paradise” (Live on KEXP)

I’m growing an ear for CocoRosie lately; their new stuff is really highlighting their talent and creativity, and it feels very mature, clever, and classy-polished. Like Capital-A Art, and less fringe-indie. More Bjork-staying-power and less hipster fad. Very very talented and unique. This clip is from a live performance on KEXP.

Marina & The Diamonds – “Lies”

A new video for Marina & the Diamonds’ “Lies,” from her Electra Heart album, which seems to be following the unheard-of trend of having a music video for every song on it.

Walk off the Earth – “Speeches”

One of my favorites from Walk off the Earth‘s R.E.V.O. album. Fanfuckingtastic. WotE is one of the best bands to ever come from YouTube. Buy this album on iTunes here.

Freedom Fry – “Billy the Kid”

My partner found this song yesterday and I absolutely love it… Freedom Fry’s “Billy the Kid” Loving the harmonies and the mood of this song…

“Power & Control” vs. “Freedom! `90”

When Marina & the Diamonds released her video for “Power & Control” (2012) last May, I immediately noticed obvious similarities to George Michael‘s “Freedom! `90” (1990). What struck me is that no one else was saying it anywhere on the web, not even in the comments under the YouTube video. So I thought I’d share…